Question: Can I install DigiGage system in an existing elevator?

Answer: Yes, a DigiGage systems can be delivered as part of a new elevator or retrofitted to existing elevators as well as be installed as part of a cab modernization process.

Question: Does installing a DigiGage system effect the elevator or the safety of operation in any way?

Answer: No, the DigiGage system is completely autonomous and does not connect to the elevator controller or systems.

Question: After I installed the system in my building, do I need the elevator company to make changes in my screen such as switch content worlds or change messages?

Answer: No, after installation you will be given a unique user ID and password that will grant you access to the DigiGage internet portal that can be accessed from any internet connected device, even a smartphone.

Question: Do I need to be in the elevator to perform changes such as switch content worlds or update messages?

Answer: No, you can be half way across the world, all you need is an internet connection and a standard web-browser.

Question: Can I control several systems with one internet user?

Answer: Yes, all your elevators can be added to the same user even in different geographical locations.

Question: I want a DigiGage system in my elevator, can I order directly from DigiGage?

Answer: Yes, even though DigiGage is a software company, there are some projects we do ourselves or we can direct you to one of our partners in your region.

Question: Can I insert my own content onto the screen?

Answer: Yes, You have a cloud based personal media library where you can upload images and movies that can be implanted in to supporting "placeholders" content worlds on top of your control on the image and textual banner, as well as the ability to insert a floor-specific textual signs.

Question: Does the DigiGage system include or can include advertisements?

Answer: DigiGage does not provide advertisement services; however you are free to use your content in any way you see fit, including advertisement.

Question: I have a low 5 stories building. Will the system's "window effect" be effective in my case?

Answer: Absolutely. The lower-rise buildings usually run slower elevators, so the time spent in the cab is long enough and like any other building every visitor will have to go through this bottleneck, so why not give him a good experience?

Question: I have a high-rise building with a fast elevator. I am afraid that the window effect will run too fast to be pleasant on the eye. Have you checked the effect in these cases?

Answer: Yes. Actually you can change the speed factor of the "window" so it make the speed of the cab feel faster' or slower. In most cases to date, high-rise elevators choose to slow down the speed of the DigiGage system so the ride is calmer.

Question: Doesn't the "window" movement causes sea-sickness?

Answer: No, it's actually the other way around. The DigiGage window movement is designed to prevent sea-sickness by synchronizing the movement that you feel to the one that you see, so your body's sensors receive correlated inputs that create a more comfortable feeling.