Jan 2016

DigiGage introduces the winGage 2.0!
Among many new cool features the new version includes: the new DigiGage App-Store, the new placeholders supporting content worlds that enables users to personalize their elevators by using their own videos and images from their private DigiGage cloud media library as participants in the vertical story, a new “status” line that allows users to know in real-time weather their elevators are on-line or when they were last on-line and many other improvements in user-friendliness and functionality with a set of new features.

Oct 2015

China Garments Mansion installs systems at their Beijing-based 27 floors office building as part of a mod project

Sep 2015

    If we ever needed proof that our system is not just a feature of the elevator but a feature of the building, check out these TripAdvisor users reviews of the Crowne Plaza Tel-Aviv hotel:

July 2015

Shanghai Lujiazui Group installs a system at the observation tower of the huge New Bund development area in Shanghai

May 2015

Otis China installs an a system at their regional HQ building in Tianjin and in their HQ in Shanghai

March 2015

Electra, the Otis Agent in Israel starts installing 24" screens embedded in add-on mirrors

November 2014

Kone China, the largest elevator brand in China (approximately 120,000 new units in 2014) installs a DigiGage system at the Kunshan factory showroom, Kone’s main showroom in China.

September 2014

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, one of the biggest players in China (approximately 75,000 new units 2014) installed a DigiGage system reference installation in their main engineering test tower.

August 2014

The video integration module (that we announced in past news posts) was released this month together with one of the two content worlds that we have been working on, utilizing the new embedded video feature. The content world is called urban love and tells the story of a boy and a girl that we observe by looking at their lives through their apartment’s windows, we see how they meet and how they fall in love, all during the elevator's vertical journey. This contentworld contains 23 different clips embedded in the building windows, all edited from a special single day shooting . Here’s how it looks:

July 2014

Businessweek/Bloomberg ran a live interview with our CEO, Jonathan Einav. You can see it here

May 2014

As we announced in the previous post, we are exploring our new video integration capabilities and will release later this year a new tropic themed content world that combines 3D real-time content in the “front” and a full HD video as the background. Here is a preliminary sneak peak:

April 2014

One of the biggest high-tech blogger gurus, Robert Scoble, visited our office and posted an interview with our CEO online We have been working hard to create a hardware based GPU encoding of HD video that is efficiently integrated in to our real time 3D worlds to create somewhat of an “augmented reality” experience. News will follow….

March 2014

This month we launched our software, resulting nice amount of worldwide coverage. Click the logos to read:

February 2014

SJEC China to install a first DigiGage system in their test tower running on a 75” display. As for now, this is the biggest DigiGage display on the planet-

Elevator World is running a full 5 page article about us this month. We like :)