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Installations around the world

Premium flushed-in-mirror half-wall installation, 40” screen, Otis, small office building
Premium flushed-in-mirror installation, 46” screen, Kleemann.
Premium flushed-in-black glass full-wall modernization installation, 46” screen, Otis, corporate building
Premium flushed-in-mirror modernization installation, half-wall installation, 42” screen, Otis, large office building
Premium flushed-in-dark-red glass full-cab modernization installation, 46” screen, Schindler, large hotel building
Premium flushed-in-white glass full-cab modernization installation, 40” screen, Isralift cab, Schindler service, corporate building
Premium flushed-in-white glass full-cab installation, 42” screen, ThyssenKrupp, residential building
Premium flushed-in-black glass and mirror combination, full-wall modernization installation, 75” screen, SJEC, test tower
Basic on-wall installation, 24” screen, Mitsubishi, residential building
Premium embedded in stainless-still decoration, 46” screen, Kone, residential project sales office