The winGage elevator screen

Every elevator will have a screen, it is only a matter of time. Think of winGage as the android of those screens. In a user-experience oriented era, winGage is the world’s leading solution to create an amazing user-experience in elevators.

The DigiGage winGage patent pending product provides an independent motion-based, web-managed digital design solution. Thanks to our novel software and sensor technology, our algorithms make our content to visually react, in real-time, to the movement of the elevator, turning every screen into a digital window without being connected to the elevator controller.

winGage includes an information layer and a propriety vertical content library “app-store”, that can be managed and even personalized directly by the building manager using a cloud based control panel.

  • A patent pending software platform that makes content react to the movement of the elevator in real-time, turning the screen into a virtual window

  • Sensor based analysis that requires no connection to the elevator systems (only a power outlet and wired/wireless internet connectivity are necessary)

  • Cloud based control system. Can be accessed and configured by the client from any internet connected device such as a PC or a handheld device

  • Infotainment solution specially designed to improve elevators user experience

  • Solution that is fully compatible to any off-the-shelf hardware according to a minimum specification

  • Fully featured system that includes:

    • Vertical reacting content worlds’ layer. An “app-store” vertical content library created especially for elevators, to suit all needs and tastes.

    • User media library that stores the user images and videos that can be dynamically implanted in to the vertical content in special placeholders.

    • Building messages

    • Floor specific messages

    • News feeds

    • Social media connectivity

  • Supports all elevators, old and new alike

WinGage in the press

“Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! …. DigiGage has created a new form of digital screen for elevators that adds depth and can transport occupants to a completely new environment …..definitely a step up from those tiny TVs you find in high-rise elevators”

DigiGage Makes Your Elevator Rides Fun with an Interactive “Window”.

We’ve all had the experience of standing in an elevator with a stranger and not being able to figure out where exactly to focus our eyes. DigiGage, a Tel Aviv -based startup just announced global public launch recently, aims to relieve us from the awkward elevator rides and make the experience more friendly and less stressful.

DigiGage delivers a software and sensor system that enables elevator companies to add virtual-windows to closed elevator-cabs. Powered by the sensor, the screen embedded in the wall of elevators can react accordingly. The elevator riders’ angle of view for the objects displayed in the screen will change as the elevator goes up and down, offering a more engaging experience for the occupants.

“A new technology designed by Israeli start-up DigiGage promises to bring the elevator experience up to the age of digital infotainment. Its most impressive feature is a proprietary algorithm that interacts with a sensor, so it reacts to the real-time movement of the elevator. This way the content of the display seems to scroll up and down with the elevator riders, creating the illusion of a window looking out into another dimension.

The patent-pending software is compatible with most existing elevators. It isn't linked to the elevator control system, so there’s no risk it could compromise safety. In terms of background content that can be displayed, there are a number of possibilities, from simulations of real-world environments (such as the ever-popular undersea vista) to more abstract digital landscapes.

The control panel is cloud-based, allowing administrators to select the type of experience they wish with the touch of a button on a mobile device screen. For information junkies, the system can also stream real-time messages about the building, specific floors, news and RSS feeds. Even social media connection is possible through the interface.”

“Technology that takes the mundane experience of riding an elevator and elevates it to a memorable and interactive digital infotainment experience”

“Reimaging the future of vertical transportation. DigiGage new product and partnership look to shape the elevator industry anew”