DigiGage delivers the world’s first solution that turns any closed elevator cabin into a Digitally Transparent Elevator. Designed to improve the poor user experience in elevators, our product redefines elevator architecture, allowing the passengers to engage with the environment. Harnessing the power of our innovative software running on off-the-shelf hardware – DigiGage opens the door to a new era of motion-based, Digital Experience Architecture.

The Team

Ben Kidron, Co-Founder, COO and President

Ben has 15 years of experience in senior management of different companies. He was the founder of OmniVee that has won the “Start-up of the year” CFS award and the “security-solutions’ Best Security Product of the Year” award, is the co-inventor of 3 patents and led OmniVee to a successful M&A transaction.

Jonathan Einav, Co-Founder, CEO

Jonathan has 14 years of experience as a leader of companies and development projects in the high-tech industry. He was the co-founder of a medical startup that has signed a licensing agreement of its technology, served as a consultant to companies in various domains, (SanDisk, Lorex, AOL, SDS and Top Spin). He holds a BA with honors in Computer Science from IDC, and an Executive MBA from Kellogg Northwestern (jointly with TAU), lectures in technology conventions and is the co-inventor of 8 patents.

Yuval Mor, Active Board Member

Yuval has more than 25 years of experience in managing early stage, hi-tech companies and taking them to successful exits - four in total.

He was previously VP sales and marketing at RADCOM (IPO), Pentacom (acquired by Cisco), GO Networks (acquired by NextWave) and the CEO of CACE Technologies (acquired by Riverbed). Yuval is today the CEO of Beyond Verbal Communications.

Sandy Diehl, Advisory Board Member

Sandy is a leading persona in the elevator market - a former Otis Elevator Company ($13B division of UTC) executive. Sandy served as Otis Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development for for 5 years, then moved to United Technologies where he became the Vice President, Integrated Building Solutions for 4 more years.

For the past 5 years Sandy also serves as the Chairman, Board of Regents at the American Architectural Foundation.

For the past 3 years Sandy serves as the CEO and Founder of SD Global Advisors that specialize in product strategy, globalization and business development in the global building industry.